The #FIFAWWC fans have the floor

The #FIFAWWC fans have the floor

Football is about the fans. We followed them in France to hear what they have to say…

The large Chilean community in the city of Paris certainly made itself heard against the USA. It was definitely emotional to hear them sing the national anthem a cappella in the stadium. 

“This FIFAWWC will really help us take a step forward in the women's game. It'll be very good for the players," said Patricia from Brazil.

#PlayFight&Win was the motto of 🇪🇸 and Celia Jiménez's family and friends took the words seriously; they wore them on their t-shirts as they followed the team in France.

It's becoming a tradition, the 🇯🇵 fans are famous for these pleasant gestures. Their fans help to collect litter from the stands after every match.

Fan Movement

David Streiber had one of the best experiences of his football life at the SCO-ARG game in Paris.


🇸🇪 Larsson and Sweden go way back... this time the surname refers to Mimmi Larsson here. The family have confidence in the Blågult.

Football is illusion and hope 

“Italy are going to win the FIFAWWC”, Franco says. This Juventus fan is full of confidence in the amazing Azzurre after they made it to the quarter-finals.