A day at the #FIFAWWC, by Spain's captain

A day with Amanda Sampedro

Spain's captain shows us how the team is preparing for their historic showdown against USA

👋 Good morning!

"I'm Amanda Sampedro, a Spain player, and I'm going to tell you how we're getting ready for our match against USA. Let's go for breakfast!" ☕️

After breakfast, time for a walk to explore Reims a bit!

Lunch time!

And this is the menu:

🍲Leek soup


🥩Fillet 🍝Pasta


On our way to train! 🚍

"Training was great and now it's time to refuel. Let's go to dinner!"

The menu:

🥣Creamed vegetables



Good night! 😴

"Guys, the day is coming to an end and now it's time to rest and go to sleep. Tomorrow it's matchday-1. See you then!"

Will La Roja make history by beating the reigning champions?